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Company Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Torgos Technologies offers a great variety and advanced cloud solutions managed businesses, such as: construction of a major private data centers in a secure environment, backup and recovery solutions to a remote site, including self-management and decision-tracking reports, Hosted Exchange mailboxes with access from anywhere via any device and control mechanisms, monitoring and alarm in real time in case of failure in computing and information infrastructure. Our professional team have rich experience in the characterization and implementation of integrated technologies and we will be happy to assist and accompany you to examine the possibility of a combination of the many existing cloud solutions to your organization.


Optimization of IT systems & infrastructures

The world of IT is going through a revolution, beginning from the transition to a virtual platforms, to storage systems multilayer capability and managed data automatically between different elements, to transferring data centers to cloud based computing (public and/or private), to the grows of challenges in information security, also the recovery solutions are many and varied, and more …

With a variety of technology solutions available, we offer you a guiding hand with our 20 years of experience in managing successful projects, consulting to technological professional teams and decision makers in many issues, e.g. examining the cost-benefit analysis, return on investment, presenting benefits and added values, analysis of performance in all classes , information security policy setting and building maintenance program.


Maintenance of IT environments

Torgos company has developed great expertise in professional and technical support as second and third-level to system administrators and teams in many organizations. We integrate pro-active services that allow us and our customers to prepare in advance against any failure that might happen. In addition, we combine our maintenance programs with relevant technical training, availability and willingness to support every hour and every response time and building a plan for short and long term to enable computing environment to serve the organization and focus on its core business.


Implementing virtual platforms and storage systems

Our professional team escort you from the planning stage through the implementation phase to the successful completion of the project and the transition to regular maintenance. Virtual platform transition and integration of a central storage system for the purpose of proper management of enterprise information, has become very common in recent years for many reasons: cost savings, recovery tools, centralized management, “Green” computing and more …

Torgos company specializing in project management and develop the right solution for your business. Our main advantage is our longstanding familiarity with many technologies in various fields, including: data communications, infrastructure, operating systems, data security, data backup and recovery. The vast experience of our professional staff reflected in critical malfunctions, maintenance and upgrading of systems and computing platforms.


Professional guidance for decision-makers

Torgos Technologies established based on the proven ability of our professional staff providing advice, technical management and professional guidance to CIOs, IT managers and senior management for over 10 years. We will help you building a master plan and detailed design planning documents, we will give ongoing assistance in procurement, financial planning versus execution, participation in steering committees and other …
You can arrange an introductory meeting through the “Contact Us” page on our website, we will be happy to meet and help in any way possible.


Senior administrators support

The technological experience and the rich diversity of our professional staff, allows us to provide technical support to system administrators and various IT teams with the highest level of technical knowledge, a very good introduction to key personnel in companies with leading manufacturers and more …
As part of the service we will define a technical manager, to coordinate all the issues, he will study the IT environment and staff and will be available for any questions or requests.


IT Projects Management

Did you know that large part of the projects in IT fail in one way or another, meaning that one or more of the three main goals are missed: budget, schedule or technical project scope. Our professional staff are with experience of hundreds of successful projects in different volumes and diverse technological fields. will be happy to assist or manage for you the next project.


Risk Analysis and bottlenecks

System administrators facing many challenges, first and foremost the establishment and maintenance of IT systems effectively and efficiently. This is of course even more complicated when they required to take into account other parameters, such as budget, time, outdated systems, downtimes and more …
We believe there is always another option that might improve and promote you to your desired destination. We will begin carrying out a comprehensive technical overview, to understand the needs and core business, we will suggest solutions to reduce risk, we will identify “bottlenecks” and suggest ways to improve and upgrade the IT services.


Deploying security mechanisms

Torgos Technologies guiding many companies & organizations how to deal with the risks on the internet and intranet, including: safe surfing, email filtering, management and control identities, data leak and transferring information from parties… In addition to the various tools at our disposal, we focus in determining organizational information security policy and guidance correctly. Another very important component in risk management is a backup and recovery system tailored to the needs of enterprise information.

Professional consultation without obligation

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